Introducing the lovely Ashlee of Film & Foliage Imagery by Alexander J Photography 

Tell us about your work and your floral style or how you use flowers or foliage in your creative work:

My business is just over a year old. I have a wild, messy and natural approach to floral design and I always aim to create a magical scene with my work whilst having a relaxed, fuss-free process for the client. A lot of my clients are nature lovers and trust me to do my thing which is such a lovely feeling and allows me to do my best work.

What makes you and your work unique:

I am obsessed with texture, foraged weeds, a beautiful colour palette and stunning foliage. I am very inspired by the location of the event and when I see it I always have a million ideas about what colours and styles I would love to use in the space. I also love creating something special to the client. This job is hard work, but the satisfaction you feel when a bride loses it over your flowers is amazing.

Tell us about your workspace, what you like most about it, why it works for you:

I currently have a tiny spare room in my house which is not in any way functional, it is a work in progress. My studio is usually whichever forest, sand dune, mountain, back of the van or air B&B I happen to be working in. I travel a lot and am also part of the Anteloping team, creating adventurous elopements. I have become very resourceful working in nature and am quite comfortable coming up with something on the spot, I’ve always been impulsive and unplanned in my creative process.

Any flower dreams or aspirations you would like to share:

To travel around in a cute as flower van with my partner @thewildernesschef. Foraging and collaborating with local people, flowers and ingredients to create beautiful, enchanting, wild feasts in the middle of nature. When we return home we will hold workshops and epic events in our giant warehouse filled with natural light and a giant flower and vegie garden!

All-time favourite types of flowers and/foliage and why you love them:

Anything variegated, whimsical, wildflowers, edible flowers, I love incorporating fruit and vegetables into my designs and I love working with scented flowers to create more than just a visual element. I like to create a scene rather than just an arrangement and I consider the texture of the vessel and the colour of the napkins, the smell of the flowers and the light and mood of the space.

Rules or words you live by…

I don’t have any mottos but I think it is very important to stay authentic, don’t get caught up in the trends, don’t be greedy with money, don’t get cocky and embrace the experiences this job leads me to – for instance, the long drive to the markets at 2 am to get to the flower markets can be draining and boring or it can be a good time to listen to an amazing album and this is when I come up with the best ideas.

Which season do you find the most interesting and why?

Autumn! The colours, textures and the feeling of the air. Orange is my favourite colour so I can’t really get past it. Plus the food is also the best in Autumn.

Most underrated/best value flower?

Weeds, grasses and rambling vines you find on the roadside. Often I don’t feel like a wedding or design is complete until I find that perfect foraged item.

Any artists, musicians, writers etc who influence your practice?

I always read the Saipua Journal – the lady just gets it.

Music I love to listen to while I work – Tallest man on earth, Gordi, Ben Howard, Bon Iver, Xavier Rudd, Gang of Youths, Angus and Julia Stone

Which instagrams do you follow?




What did you do before floral design?

I was halfway through a linguistics degree, studying 4 different languages and whilst I found the subject incredibly interesting, I found my teachers to be unmotivating. I took a year off to save some money and studied Floristry for something fun to learn and never looked back.

Was there a person or experience that first turned you on to flowers?

My mum definitely turned me onto nature; she is an amazing gardener and allowed us to have our own little plots, taught me all the tree names and incorporated nature into little arts and crafts activities. As a child I lived in trees (escaping my brothers), ran amuck in the bush and collected Jacaranda seedpods to post to my Nanna. Floristry was an unexpected career but it looking back it makes sense.

Whose wedding or what event would you most like to work on?

Any adventurous, open-minded, nature-loving human.

Adventure brides, hit me up!

Find out more about Flim & Foliage here or over at Ashlees instagram: @filmandfoliage