Tell us about your work and your floral style or how you use flowers or foliage in your creative work:

Flowers have always been my creative outlet whether it be picking from the side of the road or stealing my aunties potted pansies as a kid. I have always loved to create with different things from the garden experimenting without having to buy anything actually became really fun to do. This really started my foraged style of floristry where I try incorporate anything and everything including dried blooms and foliage.

What makes you and your work unique:

I actually never thought I had my own style as I was taught very traditional floristry as an apprentice florist but once I started working for myself my style has evolved with definite traditional elements but also with my love of different types of greenery and foliage involved. I also love to use groupings in my work which can be very traditional but using different bold types of flowers helps to create something more unique.


Tell us about your work space, what you like most about it, why it works for you:
My husband and I moved home after 6 years of travelling and doing the big OE. Once home to NZ I knew I wanted to do my own thing.  So I started working out of my kitchen space which became a real pain. My mum and Dad then offered their old pool house. It’s not ideal with its pink carpet and no insulation but I actually really love the space. My husband built my workbench out of my parents old floorboards and I have just filled it with all my random op shop finds. Eventually I will out grow this and find a better space but for now I am happy.

Any flower dreams or aspirations you would like to share:
I think like most florists I would love to have a flower plot of my own and be able to pick straight from garden and create instantly.

All time favourite types of flowers and/foliage and why you love them:
This year I have loved working with Phyllica and my love affair with Dahlias has continued to grow.

Rules or words you live by…
I just want to keep mixing it up, with so many types of flowers why be boring and stick with one style.

Which season do you find the most interesting and why?
Winter! it’s so surprising the goodies that grow in winter and also the foraging that can be done.

Most underrated/best value flower?
Proteas! They last for ages and look so beautiful dried.

Any artists, musicians, writers etc who influence your practice?
I love the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, it’s filled with artwork and many are of victorian floral arrangements.

Which instagrams do you follow?
@whitehouseflowers @gabyneylon_botanical @botanicabird @floralstylist and a million more because I love instagram!

What did you do before floral design?
Nothing serious just daydreaming of being a florist in retail jobs.

Was there a person or experience that first turned you on to flowers?
My best friends mum growing up was a florist and from then on that was it my mind was made up on being a florist.

Whose wedding or what event would you most like to work on?

Adele because I think she would be so hilarious and also just let me do my thing.

Alexandra karma of Flora & Forest / @floraandforest_

Imagery captured by David James of David James Photography / @the_autumn_agency